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Make the most of LeafLink Deals


March 20th-April 20th

Are you 4.20 ready? April 20th has been recognized as the unofficial cannabis holiday to celebrate and consume cannabis. Start preparing for one of the biggest sales events of the year starting on 3.20. Retailers have a chance to shop their favorite brands and stock up on all of their 4.20 essentials.

LeafLink Month

October 31st-November 23rd

Towards the end of every year, we celebrate LeafLink Month to prepare you for Green Wednesday, which takes place the day before Thanksgiving. It has become a recognized pattern that more consumers visit their local dispensaries in preparation for the long holiday weekend.


Brands & Retailers:

Q: How can I stay informed about the latest LeafLink Deals and news?

A: Follow us on Instagram @ LeafLink_ and make sure you’re subscribed to our emails here. LeafLink deals periods occur two times throughout the year:

  • 3.20 Deals: March 20th to April 20th


  • LeafLink Month: December 1st to December 31st


Q:  I am unable to purchase deals on LeafLink, how can I shop LeafLink Deals?

A: Our Deals Page will only be available during 3.20 Deals and LeafLink Month. If you have purchasing capability, log in to LeafLink and look for the Deals Page on your left navigation

Q:  Can I request a certain brand or product type for LeafLink Deals?

A: Yes! If you are looking for a specific brand or product, please fill out this form here and we will reach out and let them know. LeafLink Deals will be available during LeafLink Month and 3.20 Deals.

Q:  Will there be more deals available in my state?

A: Brands add and/or change deals every week so be sure to check the Deals Page frequently to see the latest deals in your market.

Q:  How can I find specific products and product categories on the LeafLink Deals page?

A: During LeafLink Deals, you can use the search feature on the Deals Page to find specific products or brands. You can also use filters to only show specific product categories and subcategories.


Q:  Will my discounted products automatically be available on the LeafLink Month Deals page?

A: No, your discounted products will only be visible on the Deals page if you manually add them. Please use the steps on our deals guide to add your products to the Deals Page.

Q:  Are there any other opportunities for my brand to get promoted during LeafLink Deals?

A: Yes! Once you’ve added your products to the Deals Page, you’ll have the chance to be featured in our weekly emails sent to all retailers in your market.

If you are looking for more promotional opportunities, please reach out to our Marketing Services team to learn about advertising on LeafLink.

Q:  Do I have to list my products on the LeafLink Deals page for the entire deals period?

A: No, you can add up to 3 products to the Deals page at the beginning of the LeafLink Deals period and swap or remove your products whenever you choose.

Q:  Which products should I list on LeafLink Deals and what discount should I offer?

A: You must enter a Deal Price at least 5% off the original wholesale price. Use our Market Overview to see what products are trending and average pricing in your market!

Questions? Reach out to

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