Make the most of LeafLink Deals

Participating in LeafLink Deals is a free opportunity to get your brand in front of more purchasing managers, create brand awareness, and receive free marketing on the LeafLink Deals page, through emails to retailers, and on LeafLink’s social media.

LeafLink Deals periods occur three times throughout the year:



March 20th - April 20th



June 21st - July 10th


LeafLink Month

November 8th - December 17th

During our 3.20 deals period in March and April 2020, products that were featured on the Deals Page saw:
Jump in Sales
Increase in Sample Requests
Lift in Orders

How to List Your Deals

Step 1:

Go to the Inventory page on the LeafLink navigation panel, click the three dots next to the item you'd like to add to the LeafLink Deals Page, and select Edit.

Step 2:

Scroll down to the Product Details section and enter a Deal Price at least 5% off the original Wholesale Price. If your product has varieties, one or more of the varieties must be discounted by at least 5% to be included on the deals page.


Step 3:

Click Save at the bottom of the page.

Step 4:

You will be able to distinguish which products are featured by the state of the deals icon:



Only three parent products per menu can be selected, but varieties do not count toward the product limit. Attempting to feature more than three parent products may result in an error.

You can list up to three products at a time, and you can switch those products throughout the month. Your discounted prices will be reflected on your menu once you set them, but they will not appear on the LeafLink Deals Page until the page goes live.

Video Tutorial — Listing Your Deals

Retailer View of the Deals Page


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