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Your new

all-in-one Marketplace subscription


Providing your company with the tools to better manage your business

We are packing a lot more punch in your new LeafLink Marketplace subscription! Get access to our advanced analytics tools, credits for premium ad placements, additional brand seats, and more – all for one simple price.


See below for a full breakdown of what’s included in your Premium Package:


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Customer relationship management (CRM) tools

Inventory & order management tools

Sales reporting tools

Branded menus

Manage up to 5 brands

Additional brands available a la carte for $99/month

Premium support with dedicated Account Manager

$500 credit for Marketplace Ads

Premium placements on most frequently visited pages. On average, sellers will see a 10X ROI, and 5-10% of sales will come from first-time buyers.

Metrc integration (select markets)

2 additional integration of choice

See approved list of integrations here.

3 user seats for Business Insights

Account-level analytics tool that empowers your sales team with insights on how your brand, products, and sales reps perform over time.

3 user seats for Market Insights

Market-level insights that help you make better procurement decisions by analyzing purchasing trends, top brands and products, and wholesale product pricing. Powered by LeafLink Marketplace.

Please note that your new subscription price will go into effect in 30 days.

Interested in an additional savings? If you sign up to pay your fees upfront on an annual basis, you'll receive an additional 10% discount on your LeafLink subscription. Contact Support Team to get started.

The Standard Package also includes 1 user seat for MyBI, our performance analytics tool that helps your team establish performance benchmarks across the entire organization, and use that to inform their larger sales strategy. Please fill out the below form so that LeafLink can configure myBI to the correct users.

Have questions or concerns? Reach out to our Support Team

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