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What is the industry saying about Leaflink?

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I've worked in the transport field for almost a decade at this point. And I've worked with some fairly large operations, like Nestle, Walmart, Meijer, Anheuser-Busch, and Miller-Coors. But nobody, and I mean nobody, has their sh*t together like Leaflink. Will issues arise? Absolutely. It's transportation. It's inevitable. But the team at Leaflink has been truly singular in their ability to respond quickly and dynamically to whatever problem we've had to tackle. Time and again, they've demonstrated foresight, proactivity, and a drive to provide the best support possible. We put a lot of faith in Leaflink to handle critical parts of our business, and not a day goes by that they don't demonstrate why they've earned it.


–Ty Falk, Director of Logistics, Living Well Labs


LeafLink provides plenty of benefits in our partnership. They have helped ensure that our transportation is organized, that the products are delivered to their specific locations safe and on time, and their platform has changed the way we operate our logistics. We can keep track of our orders, and deliveries. In addition, their updated METRC generator has helped decrease the time it takes for me to create our manifests. This in turn has saved plenty of my time, so I can now afford to work more hands on with our employees at SkyLabs.


–Rachel Hintz - Facility/ METRC Manager, SkyLabs LLC


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