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Empower Your Retail Success With LeafLink’s Comprehensive Retailer Checklists

Elevate your retail stores and simplify your purchasing experience on LeafLink Marketplace using our no-nonsense checklists. We've compiled the essential actions, tips, and guidelines to help you enhance your experience starting on Day 1. 

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LeafLin Checklist

New York Dispensary Setup

Lay the foundation for a successful storefront:

Store Setup

Check off the items as you complete them

Pro Tip: 

Try to have an ATM in-store or nearby for customers

Pro Tip: 

Ensure your staff has enough space for packaging materials and excess inventory

LeafLink Account Setup

Make purchasing a breeze on LeafLink Marketplace:

Sign Up for Marketplace

Check off the items as you complete them

Pro Tip: 

Have your license information and EIN number handy for a speedy registration

Discover Available Brands in the New York Market

Pro Tip: 

You have the option to toggle between new brands on LeafLink, LeafLink Power Sellers, previous LeafLink List winners, and filter using social identity tags
(example: brands that are Latinx or Women Owned)

Placing Orders

Pro Tip: 

 Looking for something in particular? Filter products by category/subcategory, unit of measure, strain, price range, and THC range, or use the search option to find an exact product! 

Pro Tip: 

Bookmark any favorite products along the way that you may want to purchase at a later time by selecting the heart icon 


NY Checklist

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