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Direct Payments

The easy and secure way to buy and sell
wholesale cannabis

Cash and checks come with a lot of overhead costs and operational headaches. With Direct Payments, brands and retailers can pay each other directly and instantly upon delivery all within the LeafLink platform!

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Direct Payments for Brands

  • Faster access to funds - No more waiting days hoping a check clears or hassling with large sums of cash. Your funds are delivered digitally the next day to your bank through direct deposit (ACH).

  • Safe and reliable - Digital payment backed by trusted cannabis-friendly financial institutions eliminate the risk of loss from theft with cash payments and from bounced or lost checks.

  • Centralize your Accounts Receivable - No more drowning in paperwork or tracking down invoices; our all-in-one A/R solution streamlines your process to increase efficiency and save you time.

Direct Payments for Retailers

  • Make payments to brands safely, easily, and instantly upon  delivery

  • Gain more visibility into payment and transaction tracking with centralized billing

  • Avoid manual errors and simplify reconciliation with efficient reporting


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Start taking advantage of Direct Payments today and see how this easy-to-use B2B payment solution will save you money, time, and labor.


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What LeafLink brands think

"LeafLink's payments have made our Accounts Receivable really quick and painless. Being able to have instant access to that cash, and redirecting it to other aspects of the business has really allowed us to grow and scale."

- Josh Hirschey | President

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