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Our Solutions

LeafLink offers customers more than technology – we are strategic partners focused on helping wholesale cannabis operators increase their growth. We help our customers reduce expenses and save time by allowing them to leverage LeafLink for all their business needs.



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Brand Fulfillment

We receive products, store inventory, process orders, and deliver to customers on your brand’s behalf – all while remaining compliant.

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Retail Fulfillment

Increase margins, prevent stockouts, and manage inventory. Store products in our partner-managed facilities and our partners pick, pack, and label orders when you need them.

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Get products to customers faster and access a reliable and predictable shipping experience. Easily schedule, pack, and track cannabis shipments to your customers.



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Flexible Payments

You’ll receive payment upon delivery regardless of when your customer pays, protecting you from risk of payment delays or non-payments.

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Direct Payments

Get paid quickly through a secure and reliable ACH transfer and automate and centralize your accounts receivable within one dashboard

Get paid quickly through a secure and reliable ACH transfer and automate and centralize your accounts receivable within one dashboard.


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Access a robust suite of integrations that seamlessly connect with various systems to power your business. Automate your workflows across order & inventory management, shipping & compliance, and invoicing & billing in one central location.

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We leverage big data to give you insight into new market expansion, competitive research, and pricing analytics, for buyers and sellers.

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Marketplace Ads

Sellers can reach more buyers when they’re shopping on the marketplace with advertising. Advertisers see 10x ROI and an increase in orders.

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Connect with our expert team to learn about what’s available in your market and see how LeafLink can help you save time and reduce expenses!

*Certain offerings are only available in select markets

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