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Welcome to LeafLink!

Please use this guide as an overview for you to go Live on LeafLink. Live means your account is visible to buyers and you can actively accept and place orders. Once you build your page, you’ll be able to go Live.

Onboarding 101





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Create Products

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Account Review

Go Live

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Steps to go live

Sellers on LeafLink take about 5 days to create their account on average. This depends on your team’s bandwidth, along with how many brands and products you have. Go through each section and check off the items.

Day 0-1:

Sales Introduction

Your sales representative will introduce you to your onboarding specialist. You now have access to your account.

Company Information

Main Contact Information

Added Users

Confirm Added Users Information

Day 3-4:

Inventory & Customer Setup Checklist

Build your products, add your customers, and learn how to process orders. RSVP for our training webinar here or watch a previously recoded session under the Training & Resources tab here

Product Information*

Product Data

Day 2-3:

Brand Setup Checklist

Build your inventory and configure your settings. Account attends training one, or watches training one recording (link to both).

Brand Information*

Day 7:

Go Live

Finish building your account and set time to review with your onboarding specialist. Attend your Go-Live call and then your Onboarding Specialist will flip your account to Live, after you will be Introduced to your Account Manager.

CRM Upload Information (if applicable)

Looking for a more detailed guide to going live? You can attend our live group training, or check out the training videos on your own time.

steps to go live

Your LeafLink Team

Your Account Manager 

This person is dedicated to making sure you are achieving your goals with LeafLink. 

Onboarding Specialist

We will help you get up and running on the platform. 


Product questions, bugs, troubleshooting.

Solutions Consultants

Here to help solve with product solutions.

Account Executive

Your strategic partner for everything LeafLink. You can always refer back to them if you get lost. If you’d like to  add more services to your account, you'll work with them!

Solutions Consultants






You're in onboarding right now, so you'll work with your Onboarding Specialist! Unsure who they are? Reach out to and we will be able to direct you.

Your team
onbaordng speciaist

Welcome to the LeafLink Community

Stay in the loop by checking out our LeafLink Community page. 

Case studies


Sign up for the LeafLink Flash here. LL Core values


Deals Month

Social Media handles 

Brand Assets


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