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Maximize Your Purchasing Power with LeafLink’s Evaluation Criteria for New Brands and Products

Whether or not you have it formally laid out, chances are that you are already using a set of criteria to evaluate every product that comes into your store. 

We’ve compiled a list of th
e most popular criteria we heard from our customers. This can be used as a checklist, a set of questions to ask prospective vendors, or simply a discussion guide for your team as you consider bringing a new brand or product into your store.

LeafLin Checklist


Verifying brand compliance to regulations in your market is essential to ensure legal compliance, maintain consumer trust, and safeguard the reputation of your dispensary.

This is especially important to ask in newer markets where emerging brands may not be familiar with the ins and outs of regulation.

Vendor Reputation

Today, consumers consider branding along with product specific details in their purchase decisions.

This category is a mix of qualitative and quantitative factors that build a brand’s reputation.


In a constrained macroeconomic environment, end consumers are more likely to be price conscious - and you should be too. 

Sometimes vendors can be flexible with pricing and you can negotiate on their initial proposal.

Check out LeafLink's Wholesale Cannabis Pricing Guide for market and pricing insights. 

Size & Minimum Order Requirements

For smaller operations with less room for storage, vendors with large packaging and higher order requirements may not be a fit.

Product Experience & Effect

Strain and THC percentage are the top two most important factors when purchasing

You can refer to mandated lab testing for THC percentage, but first hand experience of products will give you confidence in determining the desired effect of the product.


As cannabis retailers build their own consumer brand, it’s important to consider whether the products in a store fit that look and feel.


Taking control of your delivery requirements can save a lot of time during the week.

Payment Terms

The cannabis industry is moving away from handshake and cash agreements.

Finding vendors with payment terms that work for you is key to a successful relationship.

Operational Considerations

Before bringing in a new vendor, there are some operational things you’re better off knowing early on.

NY Checklist

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