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Welcome to LeafLink's Retailer Checklist!

This copy will need to be updated.......Please use this guide as an overview for you to go Live on LeafLink. Live means your account is visible to buyers and you can actively accept and place orders. Once you build your page, you’ll be able to go Live.

LeafLin Checklist

LeafLink Account Setup

Setting up your LeafLink Checklist:

Sign Up for Marketplace

Select from options below:

Pro Tip: have your license information handy for a speedy registration

Pro Tip:  Looking for something in particular? Filter products by category/subcategory, unit of measure, strain, price range, and THC range or use the search option to find it! 

Pro Tip: Select the heart icon to save a product to your Store Favorites

Pro Tip:  try the search option to look up a specific brand


Select from options below:

New York Dispensary Setup

Setting up your NY Dispensary Checklist:

Store Setup

Select from options below:

Pro Tip: try to have an ATM in store or nearby for customers

Pro Tip: you want to ensure your staff has enough space for packaging materials and excess inventory and that these areas remain organized


Select from options below:

Pro Tip: In addition to knowledgable budtenders, hire staff that are highly communicative and passionate about what they do

POS System

Select from options below:

Ordering System

Select from options below:
NY Checklist

Welcome to the LeafLink Community

Stay in the loop by checking out our LeafLink Community page. 

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Social Media handles 

Brand Assets


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